What are your favorite posts?


votingMy team and I are working on a grant proposal which has invoked some rather heated debate around my virtual office. Essentially, we need to submit our 3 best stories, which none of us could agree on. One of my interns had the idea to open it up to you, dear readers, to suggest the stories of heartbreak you find most resonate. If you could please take the time to add a comment or send me a message with the title of your favorite post (and why you like it) I would be incredibly grateful.


13 Responses to “What are your favorite posts?”

  1. 1 Calvin Christopher Riley


    i like a good number of your stories, so this is a tough question. however, after some thought i’d have to say maura, the land’s end, perhaps because it so perfectly captured the essence of a relationship i once had with a girl and put it into words. i too have been broken up over the so-called “bad” things that i didn’t do. life is short and we shouldn’t leave things to chance. if there’s really something between two people, regardless of the circumstances and the other people involved, we should not deny that in any way, shape or form.

    – calvin

  2. 2 Anton

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the Piano. i think, in some ways, it explains why you’re such a bastard, dupree.

  3. Dahlia, the vision.
    Celeste, the reveillon.
    Frankie, the good luck charm.

    Whenever I recommend this site, I tell those.
    Those three girls have ruined many live, I’m sure.

  4. 4 Nicole

    There is a reason why Hala, the mole is the most popular post. It’s such a badass story!
    Also, Gina, the beginning of my end is a personal fav.

  5. 5 Tom

    Jacky, The Baby’s Mom

    One of my definite favorites.

  6. 6 Stephanie

    I drank cooking wine, ate sewer rat and kissed the longing lips of a hot French girl whose mouth tasted like shitsoup. Clarice, you were the real Paris.

  7. 7 Mike

    Hwy Knox. Delores, The Old Soul should definately be included. Its shows that you don’t just write write soft-core or the typically falling-in-love-scenario.

  8. 8 jj

    emily, the truth by far

  9. 9 camille

    is the best one. I love Gretchen’s spirit.
    comes close.
    is a good badass read.

  10. 10 camille

    oops, encoding error on the previous post:

    Gretchen, the joy rider : the best story so far. i love Gretchen’s spirit.
    Dolores, the joy rider
    Hala, the mole : a good badass read

  11. Jacky, Mel, Farah. There aren’t a lot of bogs that interest me but yours is fantastic.

  12. 12 drea

    Celeste is great but Maura is my favorite.

    Thanks for the posts-

  13. 13 Paloma

    My mother, the piano is still, I think, my favorite. I’m also fond of Samantha, the analyst. You may have found someone more selfish than yourself there, Knox.

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