heartbroke audio: Martha by Tom Waits

Tom Waits wrote and recorded this song in his mid 20s, using the voice of a nostalgic elderly man who calls an old flame to meet up for coffee to talk about the life they never had together. There are a few songs out there that can sound very sweet and soft, yet still end up knocking you over and kicking you in the ribs.  The concept of “the one that got away” is perhaps a little cliche, I realize. But so are most things when it comes to matters of the heart.  Regardless, the song is a classic.
Every time I listen to it I’m tempted to reach for the telephone or my typewriter to reconnect with someone.  Being that bastard at the bar who stares into the bottom of an empty glass, thinking about the path not taken is probably my lot in life, but songs like Martha give me hope, or at least some comfort in knowing that, failing all else, I can always remember how it was between she and I when the going was good.  Nothing can ever take that away.

2 Responses to “heartbroke audio: Martha by Tom Waits”

  1. 1 Jason

    I just heard from a long lost girlfriend that I have not heard from in over 3 years!! And this is the first song that came to mind.

    I first heard this song on the radio in 1994 during my second year in the Navy, and I met this lady right after I got out of the Navy… thru circumstances beyond our control, we were apart for a while and lost touch… for me, she is the one that got away

  2. 2 Avery

    I recently got in contact with an old flame after several years only to find out she’s about to get married. Let this be a lesson to you fellas, don’t dawdle! Who ever this song brings to mind call them, call them now. Don’t wait till tomorrow and miss out like I did.

    I remember quiet evening,
    trembling close to you…

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