ask Knox: business ethics


mailbox2As a highly driven young professional, I often hit the glass ceiling at the publishing company where I work. My boss is a semi-attractive forty-year old married male, who exudes jealousy with respect to my talent and success in varying forms, starting with fuming nostrils on one end of the continuum, followed with a slew of malevolent attempts at embarrassment in front of my colleagues on the other.

I’ve witnessed enough of my boss’s trifle attempts at degradation, and I’d like to put an end to this ASAP. However, I am strangely attracted to him and wonder whether a night of domination and pleasurable ass-whooping could be an effective way of showing him who’s really the boss. As a somewhat diffident philosopher-flaneur, who no doubt has entertained such fancies himself, I’m certain you’ll be able to point me in the right direction.

I’ve given this conundrum a good deal of thought and have decided that if you’re attracted enough to your boss to consider sleeping with him, you should find a way to make it happen. But do it on your terms, making clear that you’re in control, not him. At one point in my old ad sales career, I had a female subordinate who was clearly more talented than me. I couldn’t help but be competitive with her, which led to a great deal of sexual tension. My gambling problem ensured that I flamed out before we ever saw whether a little passionate lovemaking might have changed the equation, but I suspect that it would have. Also, if you decide to sleep with your boss you should secretly video tape it. If a little sex won’t change the office dynamic, a little blackmail will.

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