heartbroke audio: When Will I See You Again? by Marcia Griffiths


Marcia Griffiths

This, I believe, is a cover of an old soul song, but I’ve only ever heard the reggae version by Marcia Griffiths. I first heard it when I was managing a coffeeshop in Vancouver. My ex had put it on a mixtape she had sent me from LA, which I was playing on a lonely night, when it was only me, one employee named Anya and a couple laptoppers in the overdesigned café. When the song came on, Anya had been telling me about her recent trip to Belize, but we both stopped for a moment to listen to the song, and all of a sudden, Anya became incredibly somber.

“Who is this?” She asked.

“I don’t even know,” I said. “A friend gave me the mix.”

“It’s beautiful,” She said, as her eyes welled with tears.

I walked over to the stereo to listen more closely and let Anya be alone with her emotions. Upon repeat listens, I’ve come to consider this song as one if the loneliest songs I’ve ever heard. The lyrics, along with Griffiths’ trembling voice, perfectly emote that terrible feeling of longing uncertainty, when you don’t know if your infatuation is mutual and you’re staring at the phone, trying to will it to ring. It’s a song I’ve sung too many times. Enjoy.

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