heartbroke audio: Interstate 8


I’ll preface this post by saying this song is a guilty pleasure for me. This song was written for anyone who has ever seen the sun go down in the rearview mirror just outside of Spokane and then watched it come back up over the badlands of Wyoming nine hours later. The music echoes the rhythm of the vast and indefinite landscapes surrounding Highways 90 and 25, as they mix delicately with the ebbing sense of isolation one can only experience while driving those stretches of open road alone and through the middle of the night. There is that single moment when one abandons all sense of self and willingly dissolves into the terrible darkness encircling them.  The lyrics remind me that our ongoing search for love and an everlasting feeling of purpose and place in the world traverses a circuitous and endless path that often leads back to the insufferable mistakes of our past.  On a personal note, the faceless woman in this song has haunted me my entire life.  For a while I thought she might have been Melissa, the sad and beautiful girl behind the register at the gas station where I stopped for coffee 80 miles from the Nebraska border.   I later learned, and needless to say the hardest way possible, that she was somebody else entirely.   And so I’ve continued driving, often through the night.

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