ask Knox: family ties and mixtapes



One of my best friend’s younger sister is very attractive, very attractive!. I have watched her grow into being a woman, and I have to say it has been exciting. I know that she is attracted to me. We harmlessly flirt every time I am at the house, and hint at going on a date. This is all to the dismay of my friend, her brother. He is fraught with angst every time I come over; enough where we have fought over the her freedom to date me. I like my friend, but am finding that I like his sister even more. What is the best way to deal with the situation?

You’d probably burn fewer bridges by trying to jump your friend, the brother, instead—which would be pretty similar if you could get past anatomy…but I doubt that’s your cup of tea, and I get that.

But really, …how old are you?  If you’re 17, you had better hold off.  Seriously.  It’s a deal breaker.  But if you’re in your mid 20s or later, it’s far more negotiable. Either way, remember: this isn’t just some skank from the bar.  It’s your best friend’s sister.  In a way, she’s family.  So you had better do right by her, lest you destroy everything that comes with the package—your buddy, the parents, your friends who are privvy to the situation, etc.

I’m a large advocate for risk, but real friendship is rare and it may well be that you only want her because you shouldn’t have her.  And even if she’s actually The One, well…be wary of “success,” my friend.  It can close more doors than failure.  In fact, I’d argue that our failures define us more than our successes.  No sense in sugar coating it.  We are the sum of our fuckups.

Hmm…this has been tangential at best.  Now I feel a little different.  I guess, if you’re going to do it, make no apologies.  If you’re going to fall, it had better be hard.  So, what are you waiting for?  Make her a mix tape.  Nothing tells a girl how much you’ve been thinking of her than a piece obsolete technology full of songs that you want her to like the way you do.

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