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mailbox3My boyfriend helped me get a job at the restaurant his best friend manages. The thing is, his best friend is a total tool. He sexually harasses all his female employees, and some of the male ones two. Like, seriously sexually harasses us. His nickname for me is sweet-tits. One day, he pulled me into the walk fridge and tried to kiss me. When I told him I’d tell my boyfriend, he said he was going to tell him first, and say that it was my idea. I’m scared if I quit or tell my boyfriend anything about it, this douche is just going to tell him a bunch of lies. They’ve been friends since middle school. I really want to quit, but I’m not sure how to do it. Please help me out.

The best way to quit a job is loudly and righteously. I’m not sure what it is about restaurant and bar owners, but for some reason, almost all of them are exploitive bastards, sexual menaces, drug addicts and perverts of the worst kind.  So, quitting a service job is like killing a hit man with a battle axe; you don’t have to feel an ounce of remorse.  Make a scene in front of the customers.  Bury his business.  Yelp about it.  Unearth all of this guy’s secrets.  This is you best defense.  At first, you might just look like an hysterical woman—and this won’t help you when douchebag goes to your boyfriend to tell on you.  But the other girls (and some of the guys, I’m sure) will start to come out with their stories too.  In time, your boyfriend will see the light, provided he’s not an insufferable piece of shit like his friend.

Which brings me to another point: if you think your boyfriend would believe this loser instead of you, it’s likely that he has a problem recognizing lousy character (which, transitively, may say something about you, too).

So, yeah.  Hard to say for sure about the content of your bf’s character.  But definitely quit and make a terrible, terrible scene.

One Response to “ask Knox: career advice”

  1. Great advice, Knox. This is exacty what I would do.

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