heartbroke audio: Almost Time to Go by Jason Webley


I first came across Jason on the path at the Oregon Country Fair about seven years ago. He looked like a hobo screaming with his accordion and a liquor bottle full of coins for percussion — complete madness about love and heartbreak, skeletons and boozing, among other things, and I thought, who the hell is this guy and why aren’t we best friends?  I stood there for a while with other passersby who were just as transfixed as I was.  He sang us drinking songs with some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard (which I’ve subsequently stolen every time someone said I should go easy on the bottle): “If God wanted us sober, he’d knock the glass over.”

But then he shifted gears at the end of his set, playing “Last Song” (From his album, Against the Night).  This one really sent everyone reeling.  Looking at the people around me watching Jason, I saw full-grown men, hardcore Harley Davidson-riding types, reduced to tears.  All of us shared in a pure moment, and it was Jason who brought us there.

Later on, I ran into him all over: Eugene, OR; New York City; Alabama; Moscow; The Black Rock Desert.  I have this vision of him traveling the world by moonlight in the back of a boxcar like a depression-era circus, but who knows for sure?  The man is a mystery.

Anyways, he recently sent me this heartbroke audio track with the following note included:

This one is a bit heartbreaking. I wrote it after a dear friend of mine passed away. He was incredibly gifted and kind, and a great supporter of me and my work, but he was also a bit crazy and sometimes hard for me to know how to deal with. So there was some guilt tied in with the sadness when I got the news that he had died.

You can find more of Jason’s tour dates here and more songs here.

One Response to “heartbroke audio: Almost Time to Go by Jason Webley”

  1. I had a run-in with Jason Webley once as well! A spirit like no other. I approached him after a show is Eugene, letting him know we had people in common…he ended up staying the night with me. I had papers to write for classes, but it was summer and instead of reading and researching we wandered around elementary school playgrounds, soaked up the sun on soccer fields, made up words, and played catch with this ridiculous gigantic stuffed fish he took around with him. He played Outkast and Def Leopard on the accordian for me. Before I realized what had happened, I was in love and he was off, down the road, on to the next town…
    Needless to say, it was a glorious two days of my life.
    –Distracted in Eugene

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