heartbroke audio: 658 by Emily Kokal

emily-kokal-photo-by-dan-monickEmily is an old friend of mine who, over time, became like a sister to me.  Googling her name you might find gossip columns and a bit of LA glitz and glam that’s vaguely amusing, but the Emily I’ve always known was a down-to-earth girl from a small hippie town who just had too much talent and charisma to stick around.  I seldom see her these days but every time I do, it’s as if it were moments that passed in space between, not years.

I heard this song for the first time in my apartment on Patterson Street, some years ago.  I was living with the guy it was written about.  Few songs knock me sideways like this one does – it bleeds with vulnerability and hurt.  I get to thinking about all kinds of things: true love gone awry; a sense that time will stop and leave you feeling this feeling forever; that bittersweetness of sharing so, so many beautiful instances with someone who will be forever different from this moment forward.  Yet, it still gives me a sense of hope.  Emily‘s angelic voice counterpoints the otherwise depressing undertones of the song, leaving the listener feeling somehow validated by the pain.  As really good art should be, it’s a slice of life. It hurts like nothing else, but there’s no denying that it’s fucking beautiful.

Emily included the following when she sent me this song:

658 was our address in Los Angeles.  This was the first song I ever wrote because I felt I HAD to or I would die. It was a night in October, daylight savings I recall, and I was sitting at my friend’s house, having just broken up with my first love.  And it just came out all at once, no pen and paper. I just remembered it and kept singing it to comfort myself. It became my own personal lullaby.  It’s been years since that night, but I’ve realized that people can still relate to the feelings in this song and find the same comfort in it that I did.

You can listen to more of Emily‘s music here

One Response to “heartbroke audio: 658 by Emily Kokal”

  1. Wow. I like her a lot. Her voice is beautiful!

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