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sliceissue4A bit of good news reached yours truly yesterday morning by way of P.O. Box 6976 in ——, CA, where I have decided to winter and spend the first few weeks of spring.  Coming here was a rather thoughtless and last ditch maneuver, though I saw it as great opportunity to work on my woodcarvings, kick a burgeoning gambling habit, sober up (a bit), and cut off all contact with Bianca. Up until my departure at the beginning of January, Bianca had spent nearly six months driving me into a paranoid frenzy with her menacing collages made from words cut out of old magazines.  There’s something to be said about being twenty-three, hopelessly in love, and enrolled in a prestigious MFA program on the Eastern Seaboard… Alas, I digress.  Sorry, Bianca.  We will meet again one day, when the flames of our passion have turned to smoldering red embers.

Anyways, my copy editor back in Brooklyn has sent a letter alerting me of the fact that three of my stories (two of which have yet to see the light of day) have been published in a prestigious literary journal called Slice.  While I don’t know much about the publication I figure it must be pretty mindful of good taste.  My copy editor even writes that there’s a handful of half-descent work in the issue where my stories appear.  As such, dear reader, I encourage you to click here and order a copy today.  I’m told it’s Issue No. 4 entitled “Going Home” (Spring / Summer 2009).  If you so choose you can also pick up an issue of Slice in these locations across the country.  Sounds pretty legit , no?  Please let me know if you purchase a copy, and please let me know how it feels to have your thumbs smudged with my ink.


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  1. I’m going to check it. Congrats.

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