heartbroke audio: Heartache Years by the Bad Things


thebadthingsNote: The site I stream my audio from crashed recently and so a couple artists I really wanted to feature may not have been heard.   I encourage you to check out the heartbroke  audio category if you haven’t already.

This is a group I once came across while passing through Seattle.  I had never heard of them before.  I just stumbled into some bar and there they all were, belting out songs of heartbreak and booze, and I kept hanging on the lyric, “I’m sick of feeling.”  Sometimes you get the sense that nothing would be better than what you’ve already got.  Hindsight will tend to prove otherwise; still, it’s a difficult conclusion to shake.

“Heartache Years” off of our new CD is about the worst kind of heartbreak.  The kind you feel when you know that all your efforts to make something work are fruitless and yet you refuse or are unable to move on.  You linger in a state of denial, pretending to be happy, and trying to avoid the eventual pain that you know you’re going to feel.  Yet, somehow, this limbo state ends up being the most painful part of the whole thing.  The end feels like relief.  This song takes place in the final months of a romantic relationship, as do many of The Bad Things’ songs. -Jimmy the Pickpocket

You can find more of the Bad Things’ music here.

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