heartbroke audio: don’t ever die johnny, by mathew sawyer and the ghosts


sawyerMathew Sawyer doesn’t know this, but he once saved my life.  I was holed up in a flophouse in Uyuni, a tiny, desolate outpost in the Southwest of Bolivia, shitting my brains out for a week.  Candice had left me and I made the terrible mistake of trying to get her back.  What I got instead was a bad case of dysentery, which I couldn’t treat on account of me being allergic to penicillin.  During one of my many failed trips to the pharmacy in the center of town someone broke into my room and stole almost everything I had, including a novel by Danielle Steel. I guess they failed to look under the bed because that is where I found my old Panasonic portable CD player, which contained a copy of Sawyer’s Blue Birds Blood.  I am certain that this album was the only thing that got me through the next 72 hours of bed soiling, cold sweats, and terrible hallucinations.  More importantly, perhaps, is the fact that this album also got me through the tumultuous wake that Candice left in her absence.

From Mr. Sawyer:

Although you wouldn’t catch me calling it “heartbreaking” I do know there was not much room to hide.
OK, it’s not really about Johnny Cash. But then again what the fuck is a song ever about? It exists in Songland, and just like smell in Smelltown you can’t see or poke or ask them to watch your bag. Saying all that, I feel a bit pretentious to be so offhand.
This song was written and sung in a time of my life when thirst had had taken up joyriding, Death was like weather and I realised you can’t catch a thing when it’s falling everywhere.
So what. Songs… shhh…they don’t really exist.

You can hear more of Mathew Sawyer’s work here

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