Heartbroke Audio: Tattoos (And What They Really Feel Like), by Cadence Weapon


Cadence WeaponGot sent this by my webmaster, Henry, who thought we need to diversify our genres for heartbroke audio a bit more.

Hey Knox,

I’ve been thinking a lot about the heartbroke audio section and I wanted to try and get some hip-hop songs up there, and thought this song by Edmonton-based hipster-rapper Cadence Weapon might be a good place to start.

See, the whole song plays out as conversation between him and his tattoo artist. He begins by talking about the tattoo, but slowly transitions to rapping about his ex-girlfriend, who may or may not be the impetus behind him getting a tattoo, at one point telling the artist, “you’re a cheaper shrink and you put something on me”. I just love songs that can hold so much duality, and it highlights the fact that reason we tell ourselves we’re doing something (i.e. getting a tattoo) might not be the actual reason.

I also love the coda he says at the end: “So it actually does hurt in the end, but I’m done writing songs about her, you know what I mean? Why would you obsess over a girl who doesn’t like you? I mean, some people make careers over stuff like that…”

What do you think, Knox?

I think I like it, Hank. You can hear more of Cadence Weapon’s music here.

One Response to “Heartbroke Audio: Tattoos (And What They Really Feel Like), by Cadence Weapon”

  1. 1 GP

    He’s a Pisces like Andre Nickatina…love it. Guess he’d rather be a killer whale.

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