heartbroke audio: Infection by the lovers


lovers1Here’s a band called The Lovers that, perhaps ironically, broke up.  They moved to LA, separately.  The drummer went around the bend and ended up in Portland.  Had something to do with a girl, I recall.  But for a brief time they developed a loyal following in Eugene, OR.  The lead singer, Aja, worked at a coffee cart on campus and she’d hook me up for free to keep me talking to her when business was slow.  She was always such a chatter box. By the time I’d leave to walk home I was cracked out on caffeine, my mind reeling from Aja’s stories and her massive, brown, almond-shaped eyes. Together we’d get drunk and rowdy from time to time – well, most of the time.

Anyway, this song, “Infection,” has helped me through a number of lower moments over the last five or six years.  It bleeds of drama, pills, booze, love and the bittersweetness of being gifted/afflicted with being young, drunk, talented, broke and beautiful.  Every time I hear it, I see a blue and gold sun setting as the last of the cheap red wine dries in that little ring at the bottom of a glass. I’m too young and I lost my ID, so I can’t buy more drink, so I just dream of a girl 3,000 miles away, more of an idea than a real person.

You can hear more of The Lovers here.

One Response to “heartbroke audio: Infection by the lovers”

  1. I enjoyed that. Thank you.

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