You Can Leave But It’s Gonna Cost You, by Marvin Gaye



The story behind Here, My Dear, the album this cut is taken from has already been well-documented. To quickly give the context, Gaye was nearly broke when he agreed to a divorce from his wife, so instead of paying alimony, his lawyer negotiated a settlement where his ex would keep half the royalties from his next album. When he stepped into the studio, he initially planned to half ass it, but was wrought with passion during the sessions and instead produced a startling document of the breakdown of his marriage.

I really enjoy this specific track, because it captures the vindictiveness and anger which often marks the dissolution of marriages. The funk track which backs it, though, has Gaye reflecting with a little bit of distance, creates a funky, catchy song, but which is imbued with sadness. I could write an HBA post for every track on this LP, but I thought this would make a fine entry point to one of the most heartbreaking albums of all time. If anyone can find it on vinyl, let me know

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