cities to break your heart in: Montreal


So last week someone sent in a post on how Portland was a great city to be heartbroke in. We assumed it was just a simple one-off piece, until we recieved ANOTHER submission on a different city. After a little thought, I’ve decided to start a new category of post, called heartbroke cities, where the post isn’t about who broke your heart, but WHERE they broke your heart. I’ll be drafting a few of my own, but here’s an anonymous submission on the shady side of Montreal and why it’s a fine place to wallow in your depression.

hochelagaThough internationally it is more renowned for its European architecture and acclaimed indie rock acts, Canadians know that Montreal has one of the seediest red light districts in North America. Strolling down the eastern edge of Rue Saint-Catherine, past St-Denis, there’s some of the grossest strip clubs you’ll ever encounter, each advertising “dance-contact,” where lowlifes are encouraged to rub their hands all over the dancers during private performances. While this would seem a fine place to to stop and embrace your woes, keep walking past the gay village and you’ll reach Hochelaga, as destitute a ghetto as you’ll find anywhere, made more foreign by the fact that every broken down soul haunting the streets is Quebecois. Find yourself the first dive that looks open and soak in the cigarette smoke, the depressed old drunks playing slot machines, the aged prostitutes eying you up and down and the amateur hockey highlights on perpetual loop. Pull a seat up at the bar and proceed to drink yourself blind.

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