ask Knox: what did the five fingers say to the face?


mailboxDearest Knox,

I have had many relationships, both good and bad. I feel my romantic life is relatively healthy for a person my age and even though I’ve had my share of heartbreak, my regrets are few and good memories plenty. Last night – I fear I did something regrettable. For the first time ever, I completely lost my composure and became so enraged by a lie that I slapped my ex, in public, in front of his new girlfriend. Then I walked away. This was a reaction to a blatant lie and not the fact that he has a new girlfriend. I knew he had moved on, I just didn’t know it was before he had broken up with me. He blamed the breakup on the way I was acting regarding his sudden change in behavior – mystery solved. I can assure you he did something very wrong but I am still very disappointed in myself for being so out of control. Have you ever been slapped by a woman? Did you deserve it? How did you feel, other than slapped? I thought I would feel more closure than I do. Thoughts?

It sounds as if you were angry when you slapped your ex, which is completely allowed. You should forgive yourself for losing your composure and you shouldn’t worry too much about making a scene. I’ve been slapped in public by woman, oh, let’s say three or four times and the crucial element , I’ve found, isn’t the slapped part but the public part. Because while no one around you knows why you’ve been slapped, the general assumption is that it’s because you haven’t been a gentleman, to the point where a woman has felt the need to  forcefully announce it to a crowd. I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, or whether you want me to vindicate you or anything. It seems like it may have been a rather cathartic slap, perhaps the final chapter in your old relationship. I encourage not to dwell on it and to absolutely not slap anyone ever again, unless you just can’t help it. Because frankly, that’s the only way to do it.

2 Responses to “ask Knox: what did the five fingers say to the face?”

  1. 1 Stephanie

    I wish I had the courage you do~ there are men I regret not slapping.

  2. You were right in slapping your ex in front of his girlfriend. Trust me you were.

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