site news: hiatus


As many of you may have noticed, I haven’t been updating the site with any regularity over the past few weeks. knoxWell to answer many of your concerned questions all at once, no, I am not dead. Emotionally, maybe, but physically, I am still very much alive.

I can’t go too deeply into the details of my absence (yet), but let’s just say I had to go abroad, abruptly, and didn’t have the time to backlog the site with entries. Upon returning, I dove headfirst into a very time-consuming book proposal, and neglected my online readership. Rest assured, the Heartbroke Daily hasn’t ended, there will still be new posts by me and fine submissions will be posted as they come in (Please send submissions). However, the frequency of posts will be less regular than most are use to. My apologies –  I recently lost an intern to alcohol poisoning (rubbing alcohol poisoning, that is) and my copy editor remains irritated over a comment I made to his ex-girlfriend at a bar, so he hasn’t been returning my calls.

Needless to say, I have been buried under my workload. However, I will be revitalizing the site, posting more, and hopefully interacting with you all more. Please keep your subcriptions, keep checking back for new posts and keep looking for love, romance and intimacy wherever you’re least likely to find it.

Lovesick for life,

Knox Dupree

2 Responses to “site news: hiatus”

  1. 1 Sarah

    i missed you knox.

  2. You have a very interesting blog!!

    Heartbroken for life,


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