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Hey Knox, I recently got a text from an out-of-town-fuck-buddy, who says shes going to be in my city  next weekend. Normally, I’d be really excited about seeing her, but I just got serious with someone else, and I don’t think it’d be appropriate to hang out with the out-of-towner, who is going to have […]

This was a comment on a previous post which we thought warranted an Ask Knox response: So after reading your blog post and visiting the website I was thinking about what you said about hoping the author never winds up reuniting with his muse. Do you think he would stop being able to write if […]

Dearest Knox, I have had many relationships, both good and bad. I feel my romantic life is relatively healthy for a person my age and even though I’ve had my share of heartbreak, my regrets are few and good memories plenty. Last night – I fear I did something regrettable. For the first time ever, […]

My boyfriend recently broke up with me and it’s all my fault. Basically, our relationship was marked by jealousy on my side, because he’s a male stripper and I was always freaked out by the fact that ladies and dudes ogled over him every night. Now we’re over and I’m destroyed emotionally. I want to […]

Knox, me and my boyfriend are in a long distance relationship of one and a half years, and I can’t shake the feeling that he’s cheating on me. What’s worse, he’s applying for grad schools and I’m waiting to see where he gets in, and then we’re going to decide where I’m going to follow […]

Hey Knox, I’ve been dating this girl for about seven months and I’m really into her.  I think she’s into me and we’ve both implied that we’d like to try to get deeper into our relationship. The trouble is, she’s way more experienced than I am and I can’t get it out of my head. […]

I recently discovered your blog through a friend. My boyfriend and I broke up this week (yes, it took a whole week to actually end) after 6 wonderful months together. We love and care about each other so much. The problem is that he has a highly stressful job that has required 80-hour work weeks […]

Dear Knox, I read The Heartbroke Daily almost every day, though mostly out of utter disbelief. You’re a misogynist. You’re pathological. You’re more or less a failure. I also figure that on account of you living hard and drinking hard for so many years you must be rather unattractive these days (which would explain why […]

I’ve been seeing my current girlfriend for a few months now and things have been going really well. We’re super compatible and both very much into each other. While we’ve been hooking up since we started seeing each other, she was slow to give into intercourse. Two weeks ago it finally happened and it was […]

Dear Knox, I’ve been seeing this girl for about nine months now. She’s the first serious girlfriend I’ve had since I became, for lack of a better word, assfuckingly rich about three years ago. Our relationship thus far has been really fun. She’s intelligent, honest, and nonchalantly beautiful. Best of all, she didn’t seem to […]

My boyfriend helped me get a job at the restaurant his best friend manages. The thing is, his best friend is a total tool. He sexually harasses all his female employees, and some of the male ones two. Like, seriously sexually harasses us. His nickname for me is sweet-tits. One day, he pulled me into […]

Knoxy: Lovin’ it, broheim. All that fancy writing about lurv makes me feel all warm inside, in a sweet way that I haven’t felt in oh so long. But can we take a quick break from all the highfalutin’ jibbajabba (which I’m totally digging, don’t you ever stop, Daddy Knox) for some real talk? To […]

One of my best friend’s younger sister is very attractive, very attractive!. I have watched her grow into being a woman, and I have to say it has been exciting. I know that she is attracted to me. We harmlessly flirt every time I am at the house, and hint at going on a date. […]

I am a low-level member of the faculty at a well-respected university. Sometime in the recent past I spent over an hour counseling a student on his career path during specially arranged office hours. After this meeting, the student dropped my class. I’ll be perfectly frank, I was a little hurt and felt slightly misused, […]

As a highly driven young professional, I often hit the glass ceiling at the publishing company where I work. My boss is a semi-attractive forty-year old married male, who exudes jealousy with respect to my talent and success in varying forms, starting with fuming nostrils on one end of the continuum, followed with a slew […]

Dear Knox, I’ve been dating a girl for quite a long time now; in fact, almost six years. We’ve lived together for half that time. I’ve never really been happy with her, but we get along well and things are usually pretty smooth.  I have a busy career and she’s working on hers, so we […]

*I receive many letters from my readers soliciting advice on issues of the heart. In the interest of continuing the exploration of matters of the heart on this blog, I have decided to share my responses to some of the more interesting inquiries with my general readership. If you have a question or issue you’d […]

Dear Knox, I am currently in a long term relationship with a beautiful Japanese woman. She has taught me to become less inhibited with sexual exploration. She allows me to experiment with her in untold ways, with little embarrassment or hurt feelings. However, we have come to a bump in our relationship. My family and […]

Dear Knox, I’m bursting at the seams. I live in a small town in western Iowa and I haven’t been laid in over a year. I’m strongly considering a drive across state lines and putting good money down on a hired pro in Omaha, if you catch my drift. I’ve never done this before and […]

Dear Knox, A lot has changed in my life recently. I’ve been dating a guy for about two weeks and working at a new job for about three. Last night, I brought my new beau along with me for drinks with some of my new co-workers. Everyone was drinking rather hard for a Monday night, […]