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One thing I’ve realized since beginning the Heartbroke Daily is that it’s impossible to compare the different times I’ve had my heartbroken to one another. You can’t say which time hurt more because they always seem to find a different part of your heart to wedge the pain into. That being said, revisiting Connie Converse […]

Cinco de Mayo


I have little interest in holidays.  While I do enjoy having a legitimate excuse to get drunk and disorderly, I don’t necessarily like it when everyone else has license.  I mean, most people aren’t very good at drinking.  St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve are like amateur night across the country.  Silly, stupid hats, […]

As many of you who read my site know, I was never told what day I was born.  This doesn’t mean I don’t celebrate my birthday each year.  It’s just that I get to choose what day, and I don’t know what day it is until I wake up — feeling a year older.  Digging […]

Sometimes, the universe loves to kick you when you’re down. Like, the first time in your life you get food poisoning will come two days after you’ve lost your job. Or your car gets stolen on the way back from visiting a sick relative in the hospital – you’ll scream at the heavens “Who the […]

Now that we’re on the subject of New York City, I thought I might point out that every city I’ve lived in has felt like a romantic relationship.  I’m not sure exactly why cities remind me of women, but there’s something irresistible about the idea. Eugene, OR, was a smart and down-to-earth gal, happy to […]