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I Wrote This For You I have no idea what the real story behind this blog is. It was sent to me by an old friend,  who said it reminded her of me. The blog, is the online equivalent of scrawling a message for someone who left you on the inside of a paperback and […]

When I was in my early teens, I started reading Esquire magazine, though I’m not exactly sure why. I think I sensed that my father wasn’t doing a good enough job of teaching me how to be a man, so I wanted to find more reputable sources. I certainly wasn’t old enough to understand most […]

This site is self-explanatory and a fine diversion on a boring day. “So which is it? You did too much coke or you don’t like me?”

My intern got his haiku published on He has proven, if for the first time, that he’s not completely useless. What is indecent haiku, you ask? Here’s what they have to say: “Indecent Haiku is a selection of urban-themed musings in 5-7-5 haiku format. Trust us; they all suck. “ So, readers, if you […]

This addictive site offers daily, anonymous posts, where women (and perhaps some men) recount short anecdotes of men they regret sleeping with. While some may balk at reading about the most unfortunate couplings of complete strangers, I recommend perusing the often hilarious, sometimes just disquieting stories of sex-gone-wrong. If they would let me teach a […]

For those of you who have time to listen to this classic This American Life, it comes highly recommended – especially the stellar first act. Just when I thought my luck with life had spoiled under the sun, I came across this gem of a blog. The stories contained within are all kinds of fucked up. An absolute delight to read, especially after an evening of stink eyes and out-right rejection from countless maidens pissed out of their skulls […] The name “Impossible Cool” perfectly suits the content of this blog, as it doesn’t try to define something as intangible as cool. Instead, the author simply finds the perfect visual example of people who exemplify the idea. These people are naturals at the game and offer classic archetypes of how to be for anyone willing to look at […]