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The story behind Here, My Dear, the album this cut is taken from has already been well-documented. To quickly give the context, Gaye was nearly broke when he agreed to a divorce from his wife, so instead of paying alimony, his lawyer negotiated a settlement where his ex would keep half the royalties from his […]

I have no comment on this song. Just listen and try not to let it make you too sad.

Here’s a band called The Lovers that, perhaps ironically, broke up.  They moved to LA, separately.  The drummer went around the bend and ended up in Portland.  Had something to do with a girl, I recall.  But for a brief time they developed a loyal following in Eugene, OR.  The lead singer, Aja, worked at […]

Got sent this by my webmaster, Henry, who thought we need to diversify our genres for heartbroke audio a bit more. Hey Knox, I’ve been thinking a lot about the heartbroke audio section and I wanted to try and get some hip-hop songs up there, and thought this song by Edmonton-based hipster-rapper Cadence Weapon might […]

Mathew Sawyer doesn’t know this, but he once saved my life.  I was holed up in a flophouse in Uyuni, a tiny, desolate outpost in the Southwest of Bolivia, shitting my brains out for a week.  Candice had left me and I made the terrible mistake of trying to get her back.  What I got […]

Note: The site I stream my audio from crashed recently and so a couple artists I really wanted to feature may not have been heard.   I encourage you to check out the heartbroke  audio category if you haven’t already. This is a group I once came across while passing through Seattle.  I had never heard […]

Rachel was the girl who turned me on to Over the Atlantic.  I was never that into synth-pop or shoegaze before, but I was really into her. And because I was so into Rachel I eventually got into the music that she loved the most. She picked up OTA’s album, Junica, on a trip to […]

Emily is an old friend of mine who, over time, became like a sister to me.  Googling her name you might find gossip columns and a bit of LA glitz and glam that’s vaguely amusing, but the Emily I’ve always known was a down-to-earth girl from a small hippie town who just had too much […]

I first came across Jason on the path at the Oregon Country Fair about seven years ago. He looked like a hobo screaming with his accordion and a liquor bottle full of coins for percussion — complete madness about love and heartbreak, skeletons and boozing, among other things, and I thought, who the hell is […]

Since I’ve been going off today about New York City I thought it would be appropriate to throw this tune into the mix, one of the more heartbreaking songs I’ve ever heard about being alone in New York City.  The line, “Opening my door down on President / Remembering all the postcards that I wrote, […]

I was at a dinner party in Savannah, Georgia when I first heard this cut. The party was in an old colleague’s gloriously restored pre-civil war plantation house, which fit my mood perfectly – I was deep in the throes of heartache at the time and was detached from conversation all night. When I excused […]

If I had a nickel for all the times I got drunk just to not dream about a love affair gone sour, well, I’d probably have enough scratch to buy myself another bottle.  Really though; with another lonely valentines day in the rear view mirror, consider putting this one on the mix tape you’re making […]

I’ll preface this post by saying this song is a guilty pleasure for me. This song was written for anyone who has ever seen the sun go down in the rearview mirror just outside of Spokane and then watched it come back up over the badlands of Wyoming nine hours later. The music echoes the […]

This, I believe, is a cover of an old soul song, but I’ve only ever heard the reggae version by Marcia Griffiths. I first heard it when I was managing a coffeeshop in Vancouver. My ex had put it on a mixtape she had sent me from LA, which I was playing on a lonely […]

Tom Waits wrote and recorded this song in his mid 20s, using the voice of a nostalgic elderly man who calls an old flame to meet up for coffee to talk about the life they never had together. There are a few songs out there that can sound very sweet and soft, yet still end up […]

This song tells the story of young man watching his girl slip away from him, devolving into a spiral of addiction and lies. It’s as familiar a story as it is an utterly gloomy one. Speaking as someone who has had their heart broken several times in the Twin Cities, my only suggestion to the […]