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When people badmouth the aching sprawl of Los Angeles, I always find myself defending the city, even though it’s left me in tatters multiple times. It’s like when your woman leaves you and all your friends can do is call her a low-down cooze and you tell them to back off, because deep down you […]

So last week someone sent in a post on how Portland was a great city to be heartbroke in. We assumed it was just a simple one-off piece, until we recieved ANOTHER submission on a different city. After a little thought, I’ve decided to start a new category of post, called heartbroke cities, where the […]

This was sent in by a reader who asked to remain anonymous.  It’s about how a certain city can be perfect to “wallow” in after having your lover leave you for a two-bit hack of a poetry teacher.  I encourage you all, dear readers, to comment.  What city do you think is the best to […]