the women

Noemi, the spanish canadian flower

Alex, the good midwestern girl

Iris, the ballerina whore

Selena, the stewardess in distress

Fatima, the sultry assassin

Hala, the Hezbollah spy

Just Jane (NYC)

Sadie, the soul of the south

Koy, the thai hooker

Gina, the beginning of my end

Charlie, the carolina temptress

Lydia, the idealist

Mary-Grace, the jaded scenester

Ariel, the five-alarm fire

Jeanne, the stringer

Sasha, the hardbody

Francesca, the sandinista schoolteacher

Damini, the lightning bolt

Cindy, the lonely skeptic

Clarice, the real paris

Sonja, the soul flower

Aubra, the disappearing act

Laura, the confidence artist

Rosemary, who believed in the universe

Gretchen, the joyrider

Open letter to Maude, the drama queen

Jamie, the john

Alley , the ethereal

Jesse, the spoiled brat

virgins, bears

Selene, the astrologer

Rita, the real hero

Jenn, the classic

Lillian, the broken promise

Katherine, the lost cause

Angela, the one night stand

My mother, the piano

Emily, the truth

Ingrid, the trophy wife

Janis, the photograph

Emily, the remembrance

Maria, the saviour

Savannah, the strong

Sally, the cold case

Lisa, the lesbian

Mieka, the patriot

Darlene, the dark horse

Samantha, the analyst

Summer, my mortality

Paloma, the homesick

Woof, my dog

Lorelei, the voice

Coco, the resolution

Iliana, the rider

Roxy, the levitationist

Audrey, the caseworker with benefits

Camilla, the colonist

Eliza, the waltz

Penny, the real girl

Katrina, my first dependent

Aurore, the dawn

Anna, the las vegas miracle

Anjolie, the off-limits

Mickey, the sellout

Dahlia, the vision

Abigail, the happily ever after

Anaiis, the vanishing muse

Sarah, the stalker

Madeleine, the sick feeling

Alice the still mother

Christina, the ungrateful

Hannah, the wallflower

Mary, the nunamiut

Tovah, my best friends girl

Evelyn, the sexual savage

Maura, the lands ende

Veronica, the nerve

Dolores, the old soul

Celeste, the reveillon

Frankie, the good luck charm

Farah, the wake up call

Shannon, the ice queen

Ila, the faithful

Lady Marie, the second chance

Mel, the lemon

Candice, the cloistered

Katya, the fan

Eleanor, the pen pal

Cameron, the ladyboy

Lena, the English teacher

Melody, the jackpot

Donna, the scientologist

Wendy, the presence

Martha, the city of new orleans

Catherine, the starlet

Danielle, the curiousity

Elektra, the listener

Iracemea, the pure moment

Olivia, the false start

Sarah, the fine print

Inez, the dream role

Elena, the guide

Parker, the bridesmaid

Montana, the freedom fighter

Daisy, the ringbearer

Marnie, the deadringer

Carolina, my shame

Haley, the good woman

Ashley, the slow burner

Aunt Emma, the homecoming

Penelope, the afflicted

Natalie, the awakening

Clarissa, the addiction

Rachel, the keepsake

Anya, the rebound

Lisa, the tennis star

Julia, the stroke of luck

Monique, the little sister

Isabelle, the early grave

Laila, the phantom itch

Nadia, the end of the line

Anastasia, the waiting game

Triumph, the failed experiment

Karen, the would be boss

Saffron, the safehouse

Karma, the sponsor

Stephanie, the hard way

Nikki, the video artist

Josephine, the fleeting moment

Benita, the disgusted

Jenn, the grandmaster

Siobhan, the undead

Erin, the writer

Shira, the hopeful romantic

Madame congresswoman, the heartless politician

Sunny, the drunkheart

My sister, the liar

Leah, the end of the road

Elizabeth, the high flyer

Adele, the expert

Aurore, the dawn

Virginia, the hockey hater

Lucy, the no show

Surefoot, my truck

Cass, the cineaste

Margot, the elusive (part 1)

Margot, the elusive (part 2)

Margot, the elusive (part 3)

Margot, the elusive (part 4)

Margot, the elusive (part 5)

Jan, the audacity

Daphne, the detached

Allie, the reluctant truth

Tracey, the interloper, part 1

Tracey, the interloper, part 2

Tracey, the interloper, part 3

Tracey, the interloper, part 4

Lily, the pupil

Andrea, the clean slate

Stella, the worst road trip ever

Brett, the timepiece

Kim, the diverted

Lara, the altar

Roxanne, the last gasp

Greta, the green thumb

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