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Hilde had been an alternate reality crush when I was at undergrad in Chicago. She was an exchange student from Hamburg – who, in my daydreams where I imagined myself a wealthy, successful adult – I thought maybe I had a chance with. She was out of my league, but we were friends nonetheless, with […]

I was wrong about everything but the trip. Roxanne should have come with me., But now I was here in Paris, in the stabby February cold, wrong for all the right reasons. I camped out in a rental apartment in my old stomping grounds in the 18th. I looked for old drinking buddies. No one was […]

Lara, the altar


I didn’t end up in Houston for its extracurricular charms. After 18 months trudging the Canadian tar sands, I wanted to be somewhere warm and vague. I had in mind to offset my carbon footprint by volunteering with a non-profit restoring avian habitats. I wanted karmic validation. What I got was Lara. Three weeks in […]